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Muraho friends of Rwanda!

This blog is intended to be a forum for the efforts related to Rwanda that are connected to those who attend The Falls Church.  Our hope is that this blog can provide:

  • a central place of information about the various projects taking place, as well as about the nation and people of Rwanda.
  • encouragement about the work God is doing both in Rwanda and here in the US through these projects.
  • a resource for collaboration: we would love to see continued synergy as many of us are involved in different (and yet related) projects connected to Rwanda.

What can you find on this blog?

  • an overview of the organizations/projects TFC members are connected to
  • ways you can support efforts in Rwanda financially – through donations, sponsorships, and the purchase of products
  • volunteer opportunities
  • event information
  • resources for learning more about Rwanda
  • contact info for further information about the organizations/projects mentioned

We have also set up a Friends of Rwanda email list. We would encourage you to subscribe if you would like to receive information on Rwanda-related events, news articles, volunteer opportunities, and general updates & information.  Please go here to join this email list.

So take a few minutes and look around! And please pass this blog link along to others who are interested in Rwanda.  Our desire is to be good stewards of the relationships we have been given with our sisters and brothers in Rwanda – and hopefully this blog will serve as a small part of that process.

Praying that the Lord continues His work of forgiveness-and-reconciliation-lived-out . . . to Him be the glory!

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mark your calendars: One Life Rwanda Gala in October

Sonrise Gala

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Prison Fellowship Rwanda on PBS!

Last week PBS’ Religion & Ethics Newsweekly featured an article (complete with video segment!) entitled Rwandan Reconciliation.  Bishop John Rucyahana (who serves as Chairman of the PFR Board, among many other things) is interviewed in the article.  Overall, a great look at the work PFR continues to do.

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King Family Newsletter

Sheila passed along this newsletter from the King Family. Caleb and Louise King are the Doctors in Shyira and many TFC teams have visited their home and hospital. Read on below and more on their blog. The photos wouldn’t transfer, so if there are gaps, that is why. Enjoy!

New Faces and Old Faces

“…the kingdom heaven is like the owner of a house who brings out of his storeroom new
treasures as well as old.”
Matthew 13: 52

We’ve now been back in Shyira 3 months. It was good to see some “old” faces- the Kohls family, especially.  We also some other old friends-Bihibindi, a young boy who crawled around on his knees when we first met him about four years ago, and is now doing well at special school for handicapped children; we saw Louise (no relation to me) a 13 year old handicapped girl, whose mother is not living and has been abandoned by her father.  She has been living as a servant in a nearby home, but even they said they couldn’t afford to have her anymore.  We were able to send her to the same school as Bihibindi.

It was good to have visitors from Formby, England come again.  They first came to Shyira in 2002, and we first met them on our trip over in 2003, and they have had a close relationship with us and other ministries in Shyira ever since.  Nkurunziza, and several other boys in Caleb’s Bible study have moved onto secondary school.  They seem to be doing well; it’s nice to see them in their uniforms.

It was good to see some completed projects:

A Canadian group, Little Feet, helped us build a new building for the primary school:

Houses with Hope continues to build housed for HIV patients, and for the people who care for them.  Here is Jacqueline, along with an orphan she cares for, in front of her new house.

Houses with Hope along with two other churches helped us build a house for Shyira doctors-much needed.

Before we left for the US in October, we arranged for a little girl to have her cleft lip repaired at another hospital.  We are thankful that it worked out so well.

Nikuze, an elderly Muslim woman, received a pacemaker, donated by Medtronic, and facilitated by Dr. Grady Hendrix.
She and I had a happy reunion.  I am praying that God kept her alive to hear the Gospel!

We have seen some new faces, too, including our new pastor, Antoine.  He has lots of energy and is enthusiastic in his evangelism; we pray that he will be blessed in his leadership. He will also be heading the secondary school.

I met the girls who were coming to the Girls’ Bible Study, which was started while we were gone and I am continuing it along with Carina, one of our short termers.

We have done some new things-I successfully treated two cases of Burkitt’s Lymphoma with chemotherapy.  I also climbed Mt. Bisoke, one of the volcanoes in our region.  Caleb has been serving as the interim Director of the hydropower company
which is now undertaking three projects in our area, which might produce together 6 MW (about 10% of current electricity production in Rwanda), and is working with the new Minister of Health on developing training programs for physicians and nurses.

The children continue to do well. Sara is busy at RVA, playing soccer and field hockey this term.  Hannah and Caleb Jr are being
home schooled, and Lydia combines homeschooling and the local kindergarten.  Here is Lydia with in her
outdoor office, with her homemade (paper) computer.

Moses is still staying with us during the day and he recently lost his first teeth, to his great pleasure.

As we head soon into the Memorial Week for the genocide, we pray for continued peace and reconciliation in Rwanda, through the Savior who gives us peace that passes all understanding.


Louise and Caleb King

P.S. Check out our blog at!

For correspondence:
Shyira Hospital
P.O. Box 56
Musanze District
calebkking at yahoo dot com
louiserking at yahoo dot com

For donations:
DOCS (earmarked Kings/Shyira)
PO Box 24597
St. Simon’s Island, GA 31522

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Rwanda in Newsweek and DC’s Local NPR

rwanda flag

As we approach the anniversary commemorations of the 1994 genocide, we want to make you aware of Ellis Cose and his work on this subject. Cose is an award-winning columnist for Newsweek and a host for Public Radio International. Read Cose’s article,  A Message of Hope From a Pile of Bones, about Bishop John Rucyahana, in this week’s Newsweek magazine.

In addition, Cose has been working on a documentary “Against the Odds” that will feature Bishop John, Sonrise School and Pastor Deo. It will be aired in Washington, D.C. on WAMU –  88.5 FM on April 19th at 6 P.M. and again on April 26th at 6 A.M.